I love My President Rt Gen Muhammadu Buhari

President-Muhammadu-BuhariI know some Nigerians would probably crucify me after reading this, but am still going to write it anyway.

I love my president!


I love RT Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

My love for him is the same love you have for your mother even after hearing that she is a witch,

My love for him is the same love you have when you stay with bae even after you learning that he is a cheat

What can I say?

Even when he keeps travelling to other countries, I still love him

Even when he does stay home for reasons best known to him, I still love him

He is like the father who you never see before you go to bed because he works late and still has to leave early for work the next day before you wake up. You know you have a father but you never see him and you still love him


An African Queen

lindaShe is radiant

Her smile brightens up the room

Her laugh the most contagious of all

When she throws her head back to laugh it comes out rich and full of life

Her body is like God took his time to create every contour, every bump and every curve

When she walks all eyes turn

They turn because they envy her, the turn because they know she is not only beautiful on the outside but inside too

Whether dressed in rags or glamour’s clothes she is never held back

She is fearless even in the face of fear itself

She is confident

Her self-esteem is bigger than 10 men’s ego put together

She is strong

She is an African Woman


Dedicated to Ms. Linda Ikeji


What if once a baby is born on a geographic region, they are automatically able to speak the language of that area without being spoken to!

Asin Zero stress to learn language; no chewing tongue, no famzing

Just a God given birth right to speak the language of where you were born

And the extra is; you can still learn other languages as you grow. I.e. more time to learn your mother tongue

Omo I would like to be born in Abia state oh!

So that I would be able to understand what Phyno and Flavor are saying in their songs make I no dey curse myself

Your gender is not your Limitation, You are!

Okay what made me think of this?

I was watching a Nigerian movie last night and female young graduate who wasn’t employed went to apply for the post of driver, mind you the vacant position just demanded for a graduate who wants to be a driver.

Okay so this lady on reaching the office, when she told them that she is applying for the post of driver. They told her that the post was for a male graduate not a female. The thing that made that scene stick to my mind was the epic reply

The lady said “As I no come be man nko? Make I go kill myself?” this country is now employing female drivers”

And that is the thing that we keep forgetting, the world has evolved and some of us have been left in the stone ages where woman don’t pick up any other thing apart from cooking spoons and taking care of children we have not noticed that the world is making young billionaires and kid CEO’s. And as ladies we tell ourselves that a particular position is for a man and not for a woman and we unconsciously limit ourselves from so many things.

‘Well the lady in the movie eventually got the job not because of her gender, but because of her qualification’

This is a lesson I have learnt too. Your gender should not be your limitation if you are qualified then go ahead and get it!

Nurture love not Infatuation

How is it that we feed, water nurture something when we know that it is never ever going grow

He touches your hand by accident and you feel he is flirting

He winks at you as a joke and you think he is unto you

He sends you a text to say goodnight and you think he is missing you

He talks to you about something insignificant and you feel he is just making up excuses to talk to you

Or when he watches your cute Snapchat video and you think he is starting to stalk you

Oooh or when he moves closer to you to hear what you are saying and you just assume he is also feeling the sparks and then you lean in and try to kiss him and  he tells you he doesn’t think about you in that way?

SMH yeah back to my question why do we nurture feeling that aren’t even there